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Alden x Khakis Tobacco Tanker

Tankin’ Around

Another Khakis colab with Alden, and it’s a special one! In time for fall, these boots will see some serious use during our rainy winter season. Jim wanted a different boot, on a different leather, and I think we landed on a good combination.

We chose the “Tanker” boot as our base style, for its beautiful hand sewn split toe and apron. For the choice of leather we went with a Brown Reversed Chamois Leather, with a suede like look, it’s only up close that you see the leathers nap and grit. Textured with a layer of oil, this leather has an interesting water resistant feel that will hold up great against scuffs, scratches, and even denim stains! To be comfortably worn all day, the commando sole looks just as good in the office, as it does in the outdoors. Built on the Grant last, for a sleeker more modern look, with enough room to avoid any discomfort. Nobody likes having their jeans or pants catch on their shoes! Tonal eyelet lacing, without speed-hooks will help with that frustration. Flat wax laces simply to play off the leathers unique waxy touch.

The beauty of these is that they match perfectly with any casual outfit, or be like Jim, at first glance he said “I’d wear those with a suit….right now!”

Authored by Khakis of Carmel • June 20th, 2019

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