Menswear isn't a Rubik's Cube...

It may seem complicated at first, but dressing for the modern man is easier when you understand more about color, texture & layering.

First, let’s make sure we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Have fun choosing the right pieces to put together and prepare for the great feelings while wearing the resulting outfit that you have created.

In regards to compliments, they feel great to get, but they shouldn’t be your sole purpose for dressing well. If anything, they can be motivation for always being on your best game. You present yourself to society with care, you are a professional and you should always look the part.

Second, pick your outfit the night before. After dinner, but before Netflix, and with a glass of wine or your favorite after dinner drink 

Now let’s get going on color. Pick one pop color and keep the other pieces more subdued. In the attached image we have chosen country tones as the backdrop for the pop of color from the bright oxblood tie.

Next, texture, my favorite part. Choose pieces that have a common hand feel, construction and weight. If you’re working with a brown plaid wool sport coat, don’t grab a pinpoint dress shirt. Go for a heavier fabric such as an oxford or twill. For extra points try one with a small repeating pattern as we have featured here.

Last, layering, useful during the changing of the seasons. Most knitwear pieces are solid in color, which is good for balancing out to use of multiple patterns, namely the coat and tie. I wouldn’t recommend one under a blazer, a solid color under another solid color just isn’t very creative. Depending on the weather, you can use a long sleeve polo, cardigan or vest over a dress shirt. Now here’s the best part, when you take off your coat, that knit will keep you comfortable and looking like you still have a complete outfit on.

There you have it, a little prep, little thought, and you have an outfit that is unique to you. Be proud and strut your stuff.

Stayed tuned to our next article as we go into more depth about these topics.

Wear it well!

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