Edward Green

Cut by hand from the world’s finest leathers, each pair of Edward Green shoes is made in their English workshop according to the same principles that have guided them for over a century. 

The quality of a shoe starts with the quality of its components. Edward Green selects the finest French and Italian calfskins, and then hand-finishes the skin upon the last, giving the shoe its signature antiqued patina. The soles are oak bark tanned for nine months imbuing an unrivaled comfort & durability.

A shoe takes its form from the last upon which its made – and from the classic 202 to the chiseled 890, their lasts have been developed over time for their distinguished profiles and the comfort of their fit.

‘Craftsmanship’ is more than a slogan. It’s the mastery of techniques passed through the generations, ensuring each shoe is made to the same exacting standards. From the hand cutting of the calfskin to the beveling of the waist, it may take more time and it may take more effort but it’s this commitment to meticulous detailing that makes for a shoe of real quality and character.

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