Eton of Sweden

Eton Shirts is a globally recognized luxury men’s shirt and accessories brand. The company headquarter is still located in the small village of Gånghester, Sweden where it was originally created by husband and wife David and Annie Petterson in 1928.

Eton produces shirts specifically with the lifestyle of their custom in mind:

Business shirts
Their signature fabrics define everything you would expect from an Eton shirt. Developed for care-free, all-day performance, these fabrics are perfect for your business wardrobe. 

Casual shirts
Washed fabrics with a soft, yet smart appearance. Choose from versatile fabrics such as denim, oxford and flannel as well as seasonal styles to match any outfit. 

Evening shirts
Exclusive fabrics for the great celebrations in your life. This collection includes classic evening fabrics such as pique, plissé, satin and dobby weaves. 

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Shirt Specs

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