Left Coast Tee at Khakis of Carmel in California. Comfortable, fashionable luxurious cotton t-shirts.

Left Coast Tee

comfortable, fashionable and luxurious t-shirts

It all started with a simple t-shirt. But this Left Coast Tee short-sleeve crewneck is not your regular “t-shirt.” With deep American roots, the t-shirt is a workhorse staple in every man’s wardrobe. Therefore, the goal of Left Coast Tee was to create a modern upscale revival using the best materials and designs in the world. Not just to be used as a layering piece, it is the centerpiece.

Gossypium barbadense aka ELS Cotton

First, starting by greeking out with the best raw material available. Hand-picked Gossypium Barbadense, which is an extra-long-staple “ELS” cotton from Peru. To the world of high-end cotton aficionado, we call it ​Peruvian Pima cotton. ESL cotton is praised for its rich and silky quality. Peruvian Pima cotton has a subtle luster to its finished fabric, making it great for dressing up. Also, it gives you not only the most breathable experience, but also the most luxurious, smooth, and highly durable.

Second is the creation of a comfortable fitting garment. The first detail you will notice is the refined neckline. With purpose, the necklines are slightly higher and are constructed using Peruvian Pima cotton stripe taping. Because of that, you get a proud neckline that won’t slouch or sag and leaves all thoughts of discomfort behind.

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Untucked, Tucked, its Good Either Way

The Left Coast Tee’s are made to wear in many different occasions. Thanks to the clean straight bottom with side vents, they can be left untucked. This creates a comfortable, fashionable and luxurious look without trying to make a fashion statement. Or, go tucked-in with a soft sport coat for a look that’s fitting for a gentleman.

A high-quality tee is one of the best things to happen to men’s fashion. So, take advantage of having a utilitarian garment that feels amazing and looks like you know how to dress. No need to be some awesome fashion pioneer, just enjoy wearing it well. Wearing any Left Coast Tee shows and enhances your best qualities, giving you a timeless and rich look.

Mainly, Left Coast Tee is dedicated to always bring the best, high-quality, affordable, fashionable, and luxurious tee shirts. Experience the difference.

About the Founders

Gary Wasserman and Steve Sockolov have nearly 80 years of combined experience in the men’s apparel industry. Seasoned veterans of both the retail and wholesale arms of the fashion industry. They recognized a need in the marketplace for affordable, comfortable, fashionable and luxurious t-shirts. Left Coast Tee was created to complete their goal.