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If so these cool, soft, Italian made shirts from J.Lawrence Khaki’s of Carmel are going to do the trick marvelously.

These fine cotton shirts feature a sharp, modern fit for a comfortable, stylish appearance. The solids are soft, with dimensional buttons that add a dignified quality to any outfit. The pattern shirts are just a bit of style, cool and modern. Plus, these handsome shirts are going to pair perfectly with your favorite jeans, khakis or dress trousers.

Sure, you could settle for just one of these cool, fashionable shirts; but perhaps it’s time to indulge your sense of joie de vivre. With an eye-catching variety of colors, patterns and textures, you’re going to want to pick up handful so that you’ve got the perfect shirt for any occasion. Plus, the beauty of the matter is that these shirts pair with just about anything. Confidently step into the office with a deep, solid blue shirt, your favorite dress trousers, a vest and sport coat. Impress at an evening get-together with a fabulous floral design playfully peeking from a complementary sweater with a casual pair of jeans. And, comfortably match these shirts with the perfect accentuating tie, or don’t. I mean, have you seen these buttons?

Too often, buttons provide a function without expression. Thus, they are forever hidden behind show-stealing neckties in every spectacular pattern under the sun. Not so with these. Function enhanced by beauty creates art, and these dimensional buttons are certainly art. Remarkable golds, blues and burgundies adorn the center of these handmade shirts to catch the eye. Care to wear a tie? That’s certainly your prerogative. But with these shirts, no tie is not a problem. More often than not, you’ll likely find yourself flaunting these bold buttons for an ornamental splash of distinction and confidence.Because these handmade Italian shirts are exclusively made for Khaki’s of Carmel, you’re not going to find any other shirt quite like them. Cool and soft with a sleek modern fit, you’ll enjoy wearing these comfortable cotton shirts with just about any other material in your wardrobe: jeans, cords, brushed cotton, flannels and so on. Solid colors with deeply rich hues, and a variety of unique, gorgeous patterns that are going to look great wash after wash. With the cool, stylish comfort and endless versatility of these exceptional J. Lawrence Khaki’s of Carmel shirts, you’ll find yourself, occasion after occasion, showing them off and enjoying endless ways to shake up your daily attire.

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