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Khakis of Carmel - brown suede jacket

Khakis of Carmel - brown suede jacket

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Khaki’s of Carmel is proud to present this store-exclusive Gimo’s leather jacket, double-dyed in a beautiful brown shade. Adorned with Gimo’s horn buttons. Luxury lining within the sleeves, and cotton lining to allow breathability. One front side pocket. An overall incredible jacket made from a timeless texture, for the modern man.


Suede leather

Front chest pocket

Gimo’s horn buttons

Luxury arm lining

Handmade in Italy

Available now at Khaki’s of Carmel

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to call us at (831) 625-8106 to speak with our wardrobe specialists now.

About the brand

In their years of experience, Gimo’s has maintained its strategy of combining high-quality raw materials with contemporary cuts and innovative styles, in order to satisfy a demanding and diversified clientele. At Khaki’s of Carmel, our Gimo’s leather, both men and women, are characterized by classically cut styles, with a contemporary twist. Special care and attention to detail are reflected in the final product.

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