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What’s between you and the planet has a huge job to do. These socks identify with how you move, giving you a comfort so profound it’s sensual. The ultimate performance sock for any occasion.

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Cushioned Footbed
Flat Toe seam & comfort toe
Ventilated Side and Toe
Arch Support
Non-binding leg
Abrasion resistant
Comfort non-binding top
Color tipping
Odor and bacteria control
High heel pad

All yarns are made in Italy exclusively for Remo Tulliani
Machine wash warm, tumble dry low
Made in USA

Fits sizes 8 to 14

About Remo Tulliani
Over the years Remo Tulliani has developed an architectural approach to creating men’s accessories. Every detail matters. The personal relationships with material manufacturers throughout the world, the balance, the design, the feel and fit of the product all mean something. Even which stores carry us and why, we think it all through. This lets us create accessories that stand up to any challenge in terms of style and craft.

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