Secrid Cardprotector Wallet in Silver

Secrid Cardprotector Wallet in Silver


Secrid Mini Wallet in Cognac with a Black Protector

Secrid Mini Wallet in Cognac with Black

Secrid Slim Wallet in Indigo 5 with a Rust Protector


• 4 embossed or 6 flat cards
• 6 extra cards
• Banknotes
• Business cards
• Receipts

With each dip in the indigo bath, the color intensifies. The Indigo wallets are named 3 or 5 after the amount of dips that are necessary to create that characteristic shade. Once the right color level has been achieved, the excess dye is washed away.

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Measurements in inches
Height: 4.02
Width: 2.48
Depth: .63

Materials: Aluminum & Leather
Made in Holland

Although the original and very popular Cardprotector launched in 2009, the Secrid journey started in the 1990s as a design agency named Spirid. They noticed a shift in the content of their pockets as the first electronic payment systems were introduced in the Netherlands. As cash made way for cards, they created their first minimal wallets. 

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