Thinkers, tailors and bold merchandisers:

that’s how best to describe Khakis of Carmel. Ever since the beginning, authenticity, craftsmanship and creativity have all been at the heart of the store’s focus to shape the store’s character.

Infusing a modern twist into classic styling, Khakis carves its niche as the go-to menswear establishment in the area, servicing locals and visitors alike. Details are everything, and walking through the front door is like stepping onto a sartorial playground for the style-conscious man.

Led by an experienced team, Khakis has developed a curated mix of merchandise for the modern man, ranging from moderately priced pieces to many of the most luxurious brands in the world. Artisanal workmanship is at the heart of every conversation, and by offering a vast array of American-made clothing in addition to many of Europe’s top designers, Khakis has a unique blend of quality and variety.

With fabric selections from all of the best mills such as Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Holland & Sherry and Dormeuil, everything from sportswear to fully customized tailored clothing are sights to be seen. Throughout the store, you can find anything from hornback alligator belts to hand-crafted and customizable 4-ply Italian cashmere sweaters.

“Getting up and going to work each morning is just like the first day I went. It’s my passion, it’s my love, and it’s an opportunity to service the Carmel area,” owner Jim Ocker said, when asked about his dedication to the store.

The Khakis team works together to provide the ultimate in customer service, product selection, and an unparalleled shopping experience. “Developing their potential is the most fun I’ve ever had,” Jim said. “It’s a pleasure to see growth in our company, and more importantly our people. We’re a home grown, authentic merchandising business. Family values are at the core of everything.”

Unyielding passion, the creation of solid teamwork, and a love for the area are a few of the things that stand as the store’s cornerstones, Jim said. With careful consideration, Khaki’s constantly redefines and edits their products to bring the consumer a cocktail of the absolute best available menswear.

“We are offering a totally different assortment than you will find in any menswear store in the United States!”



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