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Khaki's of Carmel - Borriello Blue and White Plaid Linen Shirt

Khaki's of Carmel - Borriello Blue and White Plaid Linen Shirt

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Khaki's of Carmel

The Khaki’s of Carmel team is driven by the passion of the owner and head buyer Jim Ockert, working throughout the year researching trends, studying reports, and forecasting future trends in the men’s clothing industry. They travel the world to attend the top fashion shows, working with premier brands and manufacturers to procure a curated collection that is ideal for our geography and clientele alike.

Borriello Napoli

In 1977 the history of the Borriello shirt begins thanks to the progenitor Clelia who gives life to an artisan workshop in Naples. The attention to detail and the stylistic skill decree the immediate success of the shirts. Since then Borriello has been synonymous with high quality shirt, a product made according to the dictates of the great Neapolitan shirtmaking tradition that innovates without betraying the past. Even today his shirts are made entirely by hand thanks to the excellent work of artisans who hold ancient knowledge.

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