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khakis of Carmel - charcoal plaid navy overshirt

khakis of Carmel - charcoal plaid navy overshirt

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Johnnie O – charcoal plaid navy overshirt


this charcoal plaid navy overshirt is sewn with a cotton fabric that makes it extremely soft on the inside and out. The coastal hues may have caught your eye but it's the elevated fabric that will make this guy your favorite piece for years to come.


Long slice double faced flannel shirt

Spread collar

Heathered jersey lining

2 button thru chest pockets

2 side pockets

Label on tail


Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to call us at (831) 625-8106 to speak with our wardrobe specialists now.

About the brand

Its all about the JOurney and the experiences along the way that define our style. The brand character is a true fabric of East Coast Classic meets SoCal Lifestyle. (Pun intended). Aside from the quality, there’s something extra special about a johnnie-O garment. We like to call it our ‘top spin’. To put a quick hammer on a nail here, it’s about that unexpected, but much-appreciated add-on feature. Take our patented Tweener Button® for example. It’s a tiny button with a huge impact that’s been a serious game-changer for any guy that’s come in contact with it. We just keep pushing that button…literally.

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