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khakis of Carmel - corduroy pants

khakis of Carmel - corduroy pants

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Peter Millar

This is a luxuriously tasteful light brown corduroy pant.

Natural stretch in the silhouette provides ideal mobility without the use of synthetic fibers and their excess weight.

Dry clean or Hand wash cold; lay flat to dry
Imported by Peter Millar

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About the brand
Founded in 2001, the Peter Millar line of fine clothing and accessories has become in just a few years the standard-bearer for discerning and demanding individuals on the golf course, in the office, and out on the town. From the original signature cashmere sweaters to a wide range of casual and formal wear, the Peter Millar line embraces a classic old-world style, resplendent in sharp detail, superb craftsmanship, and only the highest quality materials.

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