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Khaki's of Carmel - Green Baldassari Cashmere Vest

Khaki's of Carmel - Green Baldassari Cashmere Vest

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Maurizio Baldassari
Each and every Maurizio Baldassari garment is a reflection of the design, artisanship and the finest materials that make their home, Brera, in the heart of Milano, a very unique place on the fashion map. Since 1982, the Maurizio Baldassari collection are the emblem of the timeless Milanese sense of aesthetics, the heritage and tradition of the truly Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Khaki's of Carmel
The Khaki’s of Carmel team is driven by the passion of the owner and head buyer Jim Ockert, working throughout the year researching trends, studying reports, and forecasting future trends in the men’s clothing industry. They travel the world to attend the top fashion shows, working with premier brands and manufacturers to procure a curated collection that is ideal for our geography and clientele alike.

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