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khakis of Carmel - navy plaid coat

khakis of Carmel - navy plaid coat

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isaia sport coat from Italian fabrics.


100% cotton

long sleeve

isaia pearlescent buttons


available now at khakis of Carmel

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to call us at (831) 625-8106 to speak with our wardrobe specialists now.

about isaia

isaia’s history and success are based on the concept of made in Naples, a value meant both as Neapolitan tailoring tradition and as exclusive product knowledge, esteemed around the world. a value that is rooted in the company’s dna and in that of all the people who are a part of it, as some have been for generations. in fact, isaia produces its garments only and exclusively in Italy, at casalnuovo di Napoli, subjecting them to severe quality checks during the many step of production. the brand’s success is due to its ability to reinterpret the concept of history and to combine tradition with innovation, the sartorial culture of needle and thread with cutting-edge technologies, while constantly innovating its style.

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